Sowing seeds


Its a seed sowing and pricking out day today. We sow seeds in succession every 10 days throughout the season. We sow lots of different seeds but not too many of any variety at a time – rarely more than 100. Some go in the propagator, some just under the greenhouse bench until they germinate. We then prick them out into modules making sure we have just the right number (plus a few extra) to fit into their space in the field.
In this way we can have loads of choice at any one time but not too many in case we lose the whole crop to starving slugs or greenfly.

Mothers Day

For Mother’s Day last weekend, here in East Sussex, we picked tulips, scented narcissi, flowering currant, tonnes of anemones, rosemary, plum blossom, hornbeam and other foraged foliage. They all went into our mixed buckets for local delivery or were made into bouquets and jam jar posies for collection and local shops.
We pick flowers constantly from April to October so if you’d like some just contact us.