Calculating the cost of production of your flowers

Do you know how much your flowers cost to produce?

Bouquet of dahlias and summer flowers

Knowing how much your flowers cost to produce is an important part of your pricing calculation. In order to work out how much to sell your bouquet, you need to know how much it cost.

If you’ve done some research and think that a medium bouquet of locally grown British flowers of about 20-30 stems can be sold locally for £25 – do you know how much profit you’ve made? How many would you have to sell at that price to make a living?

Some of the things you’ll need to think about

How long did the bouquet take to make?

How much did each flower cost to produce? How much was the seed, the bulb, the shrub? How long did you spend seeding, pricking out, weeding, pinching, picking?

Did you use flowers that only bloom once or was it a cut-and-come again flower?

Does the price include an element to cover the cost of a polytunnel, rabbit-proof fencing, plant supports, weed suppressant fabric, floristry supplies, buckets, tools, insurance, stationery, etc If you want your business to be profitable then you need to understand your costs.

So how do you calculate these costs and how do you use them in your flower business – I have written a spreadsheet to help you start thinking about this process – you can find it on our group Facebook page – Flower Farming Forum where you’ll find practical tips, support and resources on all things flowery. The spreadsheet will help you make a simple costing for any type of flower. You will need to have a record of some costs and you may have to make some assumptions, particularly if you’re just starting out.

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    • Thanks Donna I’ve updated the link and added your details to the list – I’ll send information out about the course soon