Best chrysanthemums for UK Autumn weddings

What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions chrysanthemums?

Garage forecourts?…or maybe allotments?…me too.

This year, however, I decided to ignore everything I thought I knew about them and to try growing some myself and although I wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing – I am completely smitten

They arrive as small cuttings that need to be potted on into 9cm pots and then planted out after the last frosts

What I’ve learnt about them so far:

  1. They like sun and not too much wind
  2. They flower in their first year – very important!
  3. They can be planted outside in May and (depending on the variety) will start flowering from September and continue into December
  4. Taking the tops out will give you nice bushy plants and you can use the bits you’ve cut off to make new plants
  5. They’re very easy to grow and make a beautiful addition to an autumn bouquet

I’ll definitely be growing them again

Are you a chrysanthemum grower?

If you haven’t grown them before then I highly recommend going for it

Chrysanthemum and dahlia bouquet
Dahlia bouquet

These were some of my favourites:

Spider bronze chrysanthemum
Spider bronze
Allouise pink

One of my favourite suppliers of chrysanthemum rooted cuttings is Chrysanthemums Direct

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