Flowers for florists

Wholesale Cut Flowers Information and Terms 2020

We supply unusual, garden and wild type cut flowers to florists & event designers.

Why buy from us?

  • When you want something different, unusual. Especially those short-life flowers which do not survive international transport well.
  • Great service & support – We like to build great working relationships with our wholesale customers so we know what kind of flowers you like and to suggest varieties that we think you will love.
  • Absolute tip-top freshness & quality, strong stems, cut ready for you to use. If anything is not up to standard, we will tell you, and try to suggest an alternative. Cut and kept in fresh water, at the right stage for you to use. •.
  • You can order any numbers of stems, or mixed buckets not a whole wrap of one thing.
  • Lots of customers are looking for locally sourced or sustainably grown flowers and sourcing from us will exceed expectations and set you apart from your competitors.
  • Prices are pretty static and will not vary substantially from the Guide. .
  • Beautiful flowers, loads of varieties and scents  you will not find in a standard wholesaler.

How we work:

  • We grow varieties you may not know, and we do not expect you to be familiar with them. Ask for colour themes, or mixed buckets if you want to try something new
  • Let us know when & what you want the flowers for – especially what stem length you really need, what vase life you need, whether you are using oasis foam. All of these affect the range of suitable flowers
  • Keep colours as broad as possible, so we have the best chance of supplying the quantity you may need.
  • We will give preference to regular customers and those who order mixed buckets or a wide range of varieties.

Background information for your customers

We are small growers, using organic & sustainable methods without pesticides.

We grow everything in rural East Sussex between Rye and Hastings and do not use chemical treatments on our flowers.

Please read the following information and terms. Placing an order indicates that you have read and accepted them.

Provisional orders, up to 1 year ahead:

  • Our Flower Availability Guide for the year is available by e-mail – this shows general varieties and when they should be available. This is a guide only, exact timings and prices will vary, and we have many more varieties than we can show on this list.
  • You can make provisional orders to reserve flowers for an event – by colour, style, budget or by approximate stem count. You can request provisional orders up to 12 months in advance.
  • Confirmation of provisional orders will be made the week before the event.

Weekly Orders

  • At the beginning of each week, we usually send an availability & price list, to our wholesale distribution list. Pre-orders will be taken out of this list before release. If there are insufficient flowers left after pre-orders, a list will not be sent out.
  • Prices on the weekly availability list may differ slightly from the Guide
  • From this list, you can order by stem, bucket or to a budget.
  • There will always be other items available which are not included on the list, e.g. if there aren’t lots of them, or they are unusual varieties.
  • You will find regular crop photos on instagram @orchardfarmflowers
  • Orders are not accepted until we confirm them with you. Once confirmed, orders are considered binding and cannot be cancelled by you.


  • There is no minimum order. • Orders should be made by email, please
  • A delivery note will usually be issued with the flowers, and an invoice sent by email. Please pay by direct bank transfer within 14 days of invoice
  • Every effort will be made to fulfil orders, but we cannot be held accountable for crop failures. We will endeavour to notify you of any issues at the first opportunity and to offer alternatives where possible.


  • Collect: you can arrange to pick up from here.
  • Delivery: Usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays – free delivery up to 5 miles on orders over £200.  Please enquire about delivery charges on other orders

Weekly availability List

If you’d like to receive our weekly availability list then please fill out the contact form