Pick your own flowers



Come and pick a bucketful of flowers from our field:- pick exactly what you want, for your friend, for your kitchen or as a gift.

Choose one of our scheduled sessions.

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Saturday 1 July at 2.00pm, Saturday 1 July at 3.00pm, Saturday 1 July at 4.00pm, Saturday 8 July at 2.00pm, Saturday 19 August at 2.00pm, Saturday 19 August at 3.00pm, Saturday 19 August at 4.00pm, Saturday 26 August at 2.00pm, Saturday 26 August at 3.00pm, Saturday 26 August at 4.00pm, Saturday 2 September at 2.00pm, Saturday 2 September at 3.00pm, Saturday 2 September at 4.00pm, Saturday 9 September at 2.00pm, Saturday 9 September at 3.00pm, Saturday 9 September at 4.00pm, Saturday 16 September at 2.00pm, Saturday 16 September at 3.00pm, Saturday 16 September at 4.00pm, Saturday 23 September at 2.00pm, Saturday 23 September at 3.00pm, Saturday 23 September at 4.00pm